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Notes from the Chair


World Pac Paper’s catalog of packaging, shipping & industrial supplies will be ready for you to select from more than 15,000 products available.  Take a look through our expansive selection to find those packaging, shipping and industrial supplies to fulfill your requirements.



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World Pac Paper can conveniently offer you a full array of cut-size / copy paper for your office needs.  This online retail option offers quality cut-size paper from leading paper manufacturers providing you with the perfect solution to all of your particular document needs.



Why work with World Pac Paper?  The answer is simple. 

World Pac Paper offers benefits and innovative solutions to our customers daily.  We offer:

Consistency – Solid customer service and sales representation
Integrity – Professional & personal relations
Stability – Employee consistency & financial growth
Creativity – Innovative & economic paper solutions
Diversity – Global supply channels / solutions
Security – Assuring economic viability for our customers

We are experts are aggregating supply, economically and efficiently.

There is more…working with World Pac Paper provides diversification and optimal solutions to fit your paper and packaging requirements.  We have…(more…)

Welcome to the World Pac Paper website.

Paper & packaging is our business!  We move and market paper & packaging.  We have an absolute passion for paper and packaging.  We are so excited to be involved with products that are so versatile, so woven into the way we live our lives and communicate with each other, while still being natural, recyclable and sustainable.

We are real paper people!  We have a clear direction.  We have great people at World Pac Paper.  They have a clear energy and enthusiasm for the paper & packaging business and for satisfying customer needs!  By combining focus and a clear vision with striving for the best practices in all we do across our company, have been recognized as a leading paper & packaging distributor by our customers, suppliers and employees…(more…)

Latest News

World Pac Paper has a new website. Our new look is currently being rolled out to you. You will find we have built in an array of information regarding the company and our products and services. As we continue to share information about what and how we are doing, you will find details about who we are and details about what we are doing within our industry and with our valued customers. Our Home page provides that visual needed to give you a glimpse into some of our products. You may see / view what we have done and how we are being recognized within our industry and business community through our Awards and Recognitions, Certifications and Media pages. Our Notes from the Chair offers a series of newsletters filled with business and professional development tools and facts to help our sales staff, our customers and those visiting our website. In the About Us tab, on the Home page, you will learn about the origins of World Pac Paper, our company mission / vision, the backgrounds of our top management team and our commitment to our community. When you look at our Products / Services pages you will find the multitude, depth and breadth, of what we offer on a daily basis to our customers and prospective customers. When you see the Markets Served pages you will gain insights into the depth and breadth of what World Pac Paper has to offer. Our Tools section provides you with valuable information to help build understanding, in terms of terminology, general industry calculations and links to our industry partners. Lastly, we will be rolling-out, very soon, our online retail offerings in the Packaging and Paper areas. Our new Industrial Packaging Catalog has over 15,000 products from which to choose and you may order directly from our website or through one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives. The online Paper Retail offering provides a variety of cut-sized paper for your office paper needs. We invite you to take your time and explore the wealth of information on our new website. We promise it will be informative and can offer you value for the time spent. Thank you!